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In accordance with Education law and Board of Education policy, all requests for transportation of children to private and parochial schools outside the district must be submitted in writing by parent, guardian, or authorized representative no later than April 2. Transportation authorization is not automatic or continuous from school year to school year; requests must, therefore, be filed each year for children requiring such transportation. For those planning to apply or who have applied to a private or parochial school and are still awaiting formal acceptance, an application must be on file. This application should include each and every school (up to two) that your child/children may attend during the school year. In this way, the district may include the cost for transporting your child/children in the next year's operating budget and relieve parents of this financial responsibility.

It is the policy of the School District to provide transportation to private and parochial schools no more than 15 miles from the home of the child.
For more information, please contact:

 Bridgehampton Student Pick Up, Drop Off, Late Bus Transportation
 Maria Cristina Banados- 631-998-1300 ext. 1310

 Field Trip Transportation
 Tammy Cavanaugh- 631-998-1300 ext. 1322

 Athletic Transportation
 Michael DeRosa- 6321-998-1300 ext. 1326

 Private School Transportation (Mercy, OLH, Lower/Upper Ross, and Hayground)
 Dr. Peter Daly - 631-998-1300 ext. 1371

 BOCES Transportation
 Dr. Peter Daly - 631-998-1300 ext. 1371