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Community Forum - Wednesday, March 10, 2021 @ 7PM

Please Join Us and Be a Part of the Solution!

2021-2022 Budget Overview - Explanation of Tax Levy Limits - Considerations of Budgetary Options

In-Person - New Gymnasium - Masks are required and social distance protocols will be in place

Livestream Option - Link will be provided soon - Check this site for updates


Student-Artists Emulate Renowned Painter

Student-Artists Emulate Renowned Painter photo thumbnail181039

Bridgehampton Elementary School students worked with art teacher Robin Gianis to create images of layer cakes and gumball machines in the style of renowned American painter Wayne Thiebaud. Third graders Indya Drew Cherry, Declan DeSouza, Savanna Lillie, Asucena Dominguez-Ramos, Ashli Reyes and Ariana Verzosa each created a still life of delicious looking layer cakes. First graders Ari Hoffman, Dorothy Marin, Kitzia Reyes, Aline Rojas and Sebastian Schwartz emulated Thiebaud’s singular illustrative style with their colorful gumball machines.

Bridgehampton Summer Camp


What a Wonderful World!

What a Wonderful World! thumbnail180905
What a Wonderful World! thumbnail180906
What a Wonderful World! thumbnail180907
Kindergarten students in Ms. Gabrielle Lemon and Ms. Caitlin Hansen’s class are celebrating Black History Month by listening to jazz music and other songs written or performed by artists such as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, and Nina Simone, while they paint to the sounds! The students really enjoyed the different types of music they got to hear while celebrating.

Virtual Enterprise Class Exhibits at Trade Show

Virtual Enterprise Class Exhibits at Trade Show thumbnail180530
Bridgehampton High School’s Virtual Enterprise class, taught by Kameron Kaiser, exhibited their simulated business at VE’s recent Long Island Regional Conference & Exhibition. The conference’s trade show connects students, firms and industry professionals to facilitate sales of virtual products and services through videoconference sales sessions. Students David Simmons and Jordan Gant, both seniors, created the business VDG, which edits videos and creates graphic art. During the event, the students generated more than $73,893 in sales. Both students have taken on all roles necessary to run a company. The duo also presented their business plan to a panel of judges virtually in January. They discussed all aspects of their business from management to finances in a manner similar to the popular show “Shark Tank.” They also presented to the Bridgehampton School District Board of Education.